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Rescue Vac Industries, Inc.

Winner in: 2009

Recognizing that victims of trench collapse incidents were dying due to extended rescue times, which could take 6-8 hours using shovels and buckets to remove the dirt, it was determined that a better way had to be made available. Through newly developed and patented equipment and procedures, the Rescue Vac 800 series rescue kit was created. The RescueVac “Saves Time, Saves Lives”, by reducing the rescue time by as much as 80%, taking a rescue from hours to minutes.

Reducing the time to rescue an entrapped victim increases the chance of survivability as shown with the multiple documented saves utilizing the Rescue Vac. Rescue Vac Systems, Inc. is changing the way entrapped victims are rescued. More than 30 fire departments throughout the U.S. are now using the Rescue Vac 800 Series Rescue Kit.