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People’s Choice Award: tastytrade

Winner in: 2013

tastytrade delivers 8-hours of live programming online during trading hours. Unlike any other financial network, tastytrade focuses on teaching investing for “do-ers” through entertaining and engaging content. We took 2nd City comedians and interspersed them throughout our content and made trading/investing accessible to anyone. All of our online content is FREE to the end user. We are accessible through the web, iTunes, Roku, on some trading platforms and we have our own app. We offer shows for all levels of investing and bring them to a level they didn’t think possible in a short amount of time, focusing on all the right things and ignoring the noise and fear of other financial media. Some shows include Where Do I Start for the beginner; Liz & Jny which are Moms turn to investing; Ask SLM with analytical investing; and our flagship show including Tom (Sosnoff) & Tony (Battista) covering multiple segments from investing in your IRA to Scaling to Market Measures and beyond.