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National Pasteurized Eggs

Winner in: 2008

National Pasteurized Eggs takes the danger out of raw eggs once and for all. With their patented in-shell pasteurization method, NPE eliminates the risk of salmonella and other viruses such as Avian influenza in raw eggs, making them safer to work with and consume in dressings, raw dough and meringues. NPE manages to eliminate all harmful pathogens without cooking the egg. This development is huge for everything from restaurant liability to family kitchens. You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs, but you now you can pasteurize eggs in-shell. Seventy percent of nursing homes use Davidson’s Safest Choice® Pasteurized Shell Eggs. In a massive 2010 salmonella outbreak caused by eggs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention didn’t have a single occurrence in nursing homes, because they weren’t using unsafe eggs.

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