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Winner in: 2008

Molex engineers came up with a new method that strengthens electric micro-wiring and lengthens the life span of consumer products. The typical way of soldering materials is to plant beads of metal alloy on an array, insert circuit-board pins, and melt the solder to make a connection. Molex Solder Charge technology instead applies thin strips of solder material and pushes the pins in with a heated stamp. Molex customers can expect a longer lifespan on their products with increased functionality. Because the method uses no lead, Molex delivers a greener product. The product’s superior, more reliable technology has resulted in more than $2 million in revenues since inception and has enthusiastic orders from companies in the automotive, computer, and telecom industries, as well as interest from the US Military.

[flv:/wp-content/uploads/video/1MolexFinalCut.flv 537 424]