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Winner in: 2016

Next by Danco™ brand exemplifies a line of innovative plumbing repair products that empowers the DIY’er and Pro to do more than fix the problem, it empowers them to improve it. The Perfect Seal provides the strongest, leak-free toilet seal available on the market.Unlike ordinary wax rings that simply compress during installation, the Perfect Seal directs the wax into the critical sealing zones around the flange and down the pipe. The Perfect Seal is engineered with a universal design that will accommodate and seal with all flange heights ranging from ½” above to 1 ½” below the floor. The Perfect Seal design is also unique because it allows for re-seating of the toilet during installation, if needed. The Perfect Seal is an easy, no-mess toilet installation solution that works with any 3” or 4” toilet flange and any pipe size. It is the only seal that also stabilizes the toilet floor bolts, making toilet installation a one-person job.