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Winner in: 2009

Although the business of online advertising has grown to tens of billions of dollars annually, it still represents a relatively small portion of all advertising in U.S. media. If marketers could be convinced that online marketing is a more cost-effective alternative to traditional media, it could have significant and positive implications for the advertising industry and the overall U.S. economy.

To help demonstrate the value of online advertising, comScore, a global leader in measuring the digital world and the preferred source of digital marketing intelligence, developed a holistic advertising effectiveness solution that measures the total impact of online advertising by quantifying a campaign’s ability to lift both online and in-store sales. Through the use of this measurement solution and its panel of two million people, comScore has been able to prove that online advertising campaigns can cost-effectively build sales for the advertised brands, both online and at retail, helping to encourage the shift of traditional media dollars to the online channel.