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Abbott Laboratories

Winner in: 2007

The Abbott RealTime HIV-1 Assay and the m2000 System is a revolutionary test for HIV patients. Using real-time PCR technology, the RealTime is the most sensitive test on the market, able to detect as few as 40 copies per mL of the virus. Additionally, Abbott’s test is the only test that can detect group O, group N, and all non-B subtypes of the HIV virus. This is especially relevant because recent CDC studies have shown that, with increased immigration and travel, these uncommon strains of HIV are becoming increasingly prevalent in the U.S. The m2000 instrument makes the test highly automated, easy to use, and resistant to contamination. RealTime pays an essential role in determining the best treatment options for patients diagnosed with the HIV virus. There have been more than 1,000 m2000 systems placed in 70 countries around the globe, and in 2010 the systems performed 3 million HIV tests. In Russia, for example, all HIV-infected patients are tested by the m2000.