Corporate Memberships

To become a 2017 Corporate VIP Member, email Luke Tanen at [email protected]


Corporate VIP Membership

  • Tickets: 6 tickets to the following events (tickets are transferable, so you can use them under any name)
    • The Past Winners Showcase in April 2017 — 300 attendees
    • Celebrating Women in Innovation in May 2017 — 500 attendees
    • Chicago Innovation Summit in July 2017 — 500 attendees
    • The Innovation Doctor Is In in August 2017 — 200 attendees
    • The Nominee Reception in September 2017 — 800 attendees
    • Chicago Innovation Awards ceremony in October 2017 — 1500 attendees
    • Innovation for the Ages in December 2017 — 300 attendees
  • Invitation to a special reception with our board, sponsors and judges
  • Logo recognition in event programs and on our website
  • Special in-person recognition at events
  • Logo recognition in our monthly newsletter, “The Switch”, as well as email invitations which go out to our online community of 20,000+

Memberships may be tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor for further details.

Contact [email protected] for details.

For over a decade now, the Chicago Innovation Awards has been shining a spotlight on the most innovative products and services in the Chicago area. We would not be so successful without the support of passionate individuals like you. By joining as a Corporate VIP Member, you will enable the Chicago Innovation Foundation, the driver of the Chicago Innovation Awards, to build upon the momentum of the past decade by creating more educational, networking, and innovative programs and resources. With your gift, we can not only meet this demand, but also exceed expectations while providing some great benefits to you.

2017 Corporate Members